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  • David Morgan

    Executive Chairman

    David founded the Bray Leino Group in Devon, which expanded into Bristol and beyond, before becoming a central player within the missiontm Group in 2006. In 2010, following a complete restructure of the Group and Board, David became Chairman of the missiontm with the objective of revitalising the business and tackling the not inconsequential debt that was inherited.

    In his own time, David plays tennis where his enthusiasm dominates his ability, he owns a couple of slow racehorses (belying his Irish background) and he’s a devotee of the arts, especially Modern British and Newlyn School painting. Married for 40 years to his Finnish wife (Leino), he has two daughters and lives, mostly, on Exmoor in Devon.

    David is a trustee of the Autistica charity and a supporter of Middlesbrough Football Club and the North Devon Hospice; the latter being a more successful and rewarding experience.

  • Dylan Bogg

    Executive Director

    Dylan has spent most of his life coping with the trauma of being called Dylan.

    He has always had a love of sport and was fortunate enough to gain a basketball scholarship in the US at the age of 17, before returning to play in the British Premier League.

    After realising the limitation of his sporting talents he embarked on a career in Advertising, setting up his own successful business at the age of 22. This blossoming company went on to act as the bedrock of Big, which he founded with three other partners.

    He has now joined the scores of MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) sweeping the nation and is swimming, biking and running his way to a variety of disappointing triathlon times.

    Married with two children, he has shamefully passed on his naming trauma to his eldest daughter, the magnificently titled Billie Bogg.

  • James Clifton

    Executive Director

    Because James has worked in Advertising on 2 continents, fathered 4 children, owns 1 dog and 1 cat, has an unhealthy obsession with cars and is a lifelong Nottingham Forest fan – his life is never dull.

    Bizarrely Advertising is the family business; his Dad was a suit, his Mum a Creative and his Brother runs his own Agency. James started out Client side before working for various Agencies within the Global Networks that are Omnicom and WPP. He created balloon dog in 2008 having led an MBO of Fox Murphy.

    James does find time for playing football and drinking, which he has found he is rather good at (the drinking that is!).

    If you want to know any of the boring bits then feel free to look him up on Linked in.

  • Robert Day

    Executive Director

    The enigma that is Robert Day joined the missiontm Board 'because he knows a good thing when he sees it'.

    His passion for fast cars, coupled with his prowess on the squash court, pale into insignificance compared to his understanding of the property market and its promotion.

    His impressive career started in architectural design, before he moved into graphics and advertising where he discovered his raison d'etre, founding ThinkBDW; now the UK's leading property advertising Agency.

    Married to the long-suffering Karen, Rob has two sons; one of whom is a budding UK kart champion.

  • Peter Fitzwilliam

    Finance Director and Company Secretary

    Acting as a much-needed counter balance to other more ‘maverick’ entrepreneurs round the Board table, Peter is a corporate man through and through.

    After a number of years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Peter worked for The Rank Group plc and then, as Finance Director, Business Post Group plc (now UK Mail Group plc), helping it into the ranks of the FTSE 250. He also had spells as FD of other Stock Exchange listed companies before setting up his own financial advisory business, VPF London in 2009.

    Like Dylan, when Peter has tired of the cut and thrust of too many spreadsheets, he likes to don Lycra and head for the hills.

  • Giles Lee

    Executive Director

    1978 – Start supporting Ipswich Town
    1992 – Leave University with Zoology Degree, specialising in Animal Behaviour
    1994 – Start studying accounting
    2000 - Play lead role in fundamental, financial restructure of Merrydown
    2005 – Play lead role in sale of Merrydown
    2005 – Enticed to North Devon by then-girlfriend as part of pincer attack with then-Bray Leino Exec Chairman
    2005 – Join Bray Leino as FD, happiness ensues
    2007 – Marry then-girlfriend, further happiness ensues
    2013 – Join PLC Board as now-Bray Leino Executive Chairman, specialising in Animal Behaviour

    Now blessed with two young children, Giles has all but forgotten the concept of ‘in his spare time…’ but still dares to dream that one day he will play for Ipswich Town. The way Ipswich are going, all is by no means lost.

  • Sue Mullen

    Executive Director

    Sue was born of Irish parents in North London, but surprisingly, not in Kilburn. On leaving uni she had aspirations to become a teacher. After a summer holiday stint at an ad agency in London, she realised there was more money, and far more fun to be had in advertising, so swiftly changed career.

    Retreating to the country to work at Branns in Cirencester, Sue headed up the Barclays account and learnt about the thrills of arable farming at the Agricultural College. Naturally, being English of Irish parents, she married a Scotsman and moved to Edinburgh to head up One Agency.

    In line with her earlier teaching aspirations, she was naturally very bossy and didn't like being told what to do. Thus, she left with three colleagues to set up Story in 2002. 13 years, 45 members of staff, two kids, plus a Border Terrier later, she is still there telling people what to do and how to do it.

  • Mike Rose

    Executive Director

    Despite being the youngest member of the Board, Mike has over 24 years’ experience in the industry and he’s still as passionate about it as he ever was. In fact, he has been having Campaign delivered since the tender age of 15.

    After working at some of the best regional agencies in the UK, Mike founded Chapter, along with his two Creative Director partners, in April 2009, just as Robert Peston was on the News at Ten saying  "Cashpoints might not be working in the morning”.

    The three of them went on to build Chapter into an award-winning, internationally respected creative agency.

    Mike has three children four years apart.  Between them, they play seven sports and five instruments and his wife is a full time Head of Physics, so family life is a real-world example of Chaos Theory.

  • Fiona Shepherd

    Executive Director

    Hailing from glorious Staffordshire, Fiona abandoned an early career as a horse-riding instructor when she realized that the pay was dismal and the accommodation was a couple of hay bales above the stables. She quickly moved into IT Sales and Marketing at a time when ‘technology’ was barely even a sector and men had yet to discover it. This made it easy to write your own rules and quickly rise to the top.

    In fact, Fiona has a carefully-honed knack of being in the right place at the right time. She was there at the launch of the very first laptop and has since helped launch ground-breaking technologies for some of the world’s best-known IT brands.

    Having joined missiontm in 2007, Fiona now divides her time between Harefield, Silicon Valley, the M25 corridor, John Lewis and her home in the Chalfonts.

  • Chris Morris

    Non-Executive Deputy Chairman

    As a founder of Big Communications, Chris brings over 35 years’ marketing industry experience to the Group. Before taking the plunge, he was previously Managing Director of Cogent Elliott, one of the UK's largest regional advertising agencies, as well as spending time in the US as MD of a successful fieldforce planning business.

    Chris is married with two adult, but still quaintly dependent, sons. His off-duty time involves spending endless hours in the air as a competitive glider pilot - a sport he chose as he can ‘actively pursue it from a comfortably-seated position’.

  • Julian Hanson-Smith

    Non-Executive Director

    Julian is an entrepreneur and private equity investor with significant experience in marketing services. In 1986 he co-founded Financial Dynamics (now FTI Consulting), one of Europe’s largest business communications consultancies, and following its sale in 1999 he became COO of Lighthouse Global Network, with $200m of revenues. In 2001 he was appointed a Principal at US-based PE firm Lake Capital, responsible for investment activity in the UK – including ownership of the Bray Leino Group. In 2006 he co-founded Iceni Capital, specialising in UK-based business services companies.

    When not working, Julian escapes to the mountains with his wife (Polly) and those of his four sons who can handle the pace.  If travel is not an option, he sails a bit at home in North Norfolk.

    Julian is a trustee of The Inspiration Trust (sponsoring Academies and Free Schools in the East of England), and tries to pass on his experience as a Business Mentor for The Prince’s Trust.


The Board consists of eleven Directors, two of whom are Non-Executive Directors.

The Non-Executive Directors are Chris Morris and Julian Hanson-Smith. Chris provides some consulting services to the Group but these are not significant in financial value. All are considered to be independent of management by virtue of their attitude.

The Directors are collectively responsible for the strategic direction, investment decisions and effective control of the Group. There is a schedule of matters reserved for Board approval which includes, amongst other things, approval of the Group's annual budget, acquisition of new subsidiaries, property leases, significant acquisitions or disposals of fixed assets, and material Client contracts. The Board meets in person at least eleven times each year and has regular telephone and email contact in between meetings.

The Board is satisfied that it receives information of a quality and to a timetable that permits it to discharge its duties.

All Directors are subject to election by shareholders at the first opportunity after their appointment and are required to seek re-election at least every three years.