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//Robson Brown gets Fresh over smoking risks

the missiontm Agency Robson Brown, has re-launched its award winning "Don't be the 1" campaign on behalf of its Client, Fresh Smoke Free North East.

Raising awareness of the fact that half of all long-term smokers will die from smoking, the campaign is aimed at smokers in the North East, warning of the significant risks of cancer and heart disease unless they quit.

In the run up to No Smoking Day on 9 March, the "Don't be the 1" campaign aims to encourage friends or family of someone who smokes, to positively "Be The One" and motivate them to make a quit attempt.

To complement the campaign, Fresh Smoke Free North East conducted a survey which uncovered that many smokers have cut down - with one in five smokers consuming five or fewer cigarettes a day compared to one in ten smokers in 2009.

Ailsa Rutter, Director of Fresh Smoke Free North East, said: “In the North East we have seen the biggest fall in smoking in England over the last decade, and people who are still smoking are smoking less than they were.  

“Cost and awareness of the health risks are both factors. If you only smoke a few cigarettes a day, it must be tempting to hope the risks don't apply. However, the evidence is clear that even a few cigarettes a day can cause cancer and heart disease, and change lives forever.

“We are urging people to think about quitting for their family. Cutting down can help people to quit, but taking the next step is vital. In the run up to No Smoking Day we are urging people to ditch tobacco completely or if they aren't ready to quit nicotine, to switch to a safer way of getting it, like an electronic cigarette.”

The award-winning "Don’t be the 1" campaign first launched in 2014 after a survey of North East smokers found 9 out of 10 smokers underestimate the 1 in 2 risk.

Robson Brown is part of The Mission Marketing Group plc (the missiontm), the marketing communications and advertising Group including April Six, AprilSix Proof, bigdog, Bray Leino, Chapter, Mongoose, RLA, Solaris, Speed, Splash, Story and Think BDW.


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