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//Robson Brown gets Fresh

Fresh was set up in the North East of England to tackle the country’s worst rates of smoking-related illness and death, the first dedicated regional programme in the UK. Robson Brown, a missiontm Agency, works with the programme to create impactful campaigns that change lives.


Reducing the number of smokers in a part of the UK where significant numbers of people are socially disadvantaged, with historically high levels of smoking-related illness, was always going to present a major challenge. However, with the ability to use different media to appeal both to smokers and those whose lives are affected, Robson Brown accepted this challenge.


Fresh’s campaign unashamedly tugs at the heart-strings, underlining to smokers that one in every two smokers will die early, of a smoking-related illness.

Entitled “Don’t Be The 1” the centrepiece is a TV ad featuring a young boy happily getting ready to go off to school, his happiness shattered as he enters his parents’ bedroom in which his father is caring for an obviously seriously ill wife. The ad is linked with a website, which along with a Facebook page and Twitter feed, provides support for those looking to quit smoking.


Robson Brown’s campaigns have helped reduce smoking rates, motivating smokers to quit, by “turning off the tap” to new smokers and have been praised for protecting families from tobacco-related harm. 

Across the years, the campaigns have won a number of awards, including a Roses Grand Prix, local and national CIPR awards and Gold awards at the World Tobacco Conference in Mumbai. 

Robson Brown is part of The Mission Marketing Group plc (the missiontm), the marketing, communications and advertising Group including April Six, bigdog, Bray Leino, Chapter, Mongoose, Proof, RLA, Solaris, Speed, Splash, Story and ThinkBDW.